Barp Description

Simple. Intuitive. Music creation has to be. 

#foundryfriday has come again. Let's be honest here, it was actually last week. In the office, we thought..

"hang on a second it's only been... oh yeah February only has 28 days, so that's, like, 4 weeks. Too soon, er'body gonna have to wait to next week."

This month we thought we'd give you an arpeggiator. You're welcome.

It's a pretty simple one really, nothing too crazy and intuitive to use by design, at least that's what we hope. It was originally designed to be strapped onto our Pure One instrument, though that was a beta version and it got shelved. That arp on Pure One 'X' was further developed and added to its big sibling, Pure.


Above is a little clip of our Pure Instrument, check it out if you're interested, it's on special at the moment too, #shamelessplug.




It's called 'Barp', because we think it goes 'Baaaarp', not like a motorbike, but like a bass thing. Yep. That's what we called it, rail on us on instagram about it if you like.

If you know a little about Kontakt, you could probably remove our samples and add your own to it. Just make sure you put them in the same 'group'. You've then instantly 'arp-d' your stuff. 

Enjoy, The Sonus Team. 

The Sonus Instruments Barp requires the full version of Native Instruments Kontakt version 5.8 to function and internet access in order to download the instrument. The downloads are not available on a hard drive.