BassOne Description

Simple. Intuitive. Music creation has to be. 

This installment of #foundryfriday see's us tread down the subby, boomy, bass path. We looked through all of our sample data 'bass'es and found some of our most used synth bass samples. We then imported the lot into 'Tools and layered. And layered. And layered.  

bassone code

The we unlayered some of the layers, mainly 'cause we did too much layering. When we were happy with what we got, we threw them through the Studer A820 and after some trial and error, we settled on 7.5IPS and 3.75IPS. That's right, 3.75IPS.

We then recorded the samples back into Pro Tools and carefully edited them. The edited samples were loaded into Kontakt and scripted to ensure the interface is simple and easy to use.


We included a phaser because Bass and phaser are like peas and carrots, and our custom overdrive offers a transistor style when turned left and tube to the right.

Like we always say, if it requires a manual to get started, it's too complex.

bassone interface 

Enjoy, The Sonus Team. 

The Sonus Instruments BassOne requires the full version of Native Instruments Kontakt version 5.8 to function and internet access in order to download the instrument. The downloads are not available on a hard drive.