Glitch Description

Simple. Intuitive. Glitch, what now? 

We did a glitch kit. Here's the Casiotone CT-460 we used to create these samples.


Well, we are kind of speechless about this one. There isn't really much to say. It's glitchy, the kick is glitch, the snare is glitch, all the other sounds are glitch, and they are extra cooool when you start playing with the tune pot on each of the sounds.


We have grown fond of posting a youtube vid on our #foundryfriday description pages and so below we have linked Pulp's Common people. Such a GREAT song, so good that it could only be made better if they used our Glitch Hitzz kit to bolster the drums. Unfortunately, we weren't making Kontakt Instruments back in 1995. Jarvis, give us a call?

So grab it, download it, make it useful.


Enjoy, The Sonus Team. 

The Sonus Instruments Glitch Hitzz requires the full version of Native Instruments Kontakt version 5.8 to function and internet access in order to download the instrument. The downloads are not available on a hard drive.