MiniT70 Description

Simple. Intuitive. Music creation has to be. 

It's #foundryfriday everybody, and we thought we'd offer a little taster of one of our premium instruments currently in development.


The CMT-70 will be released soon, so while we are keeping you waiting, here's the MiniT70. It only has a single patch, but it's a good single patch. Here's a guy on the internet playing an actual Casio MT70.

This bloke is called Louie Peacock, he's not affiliated with us at all, but we think he's kinda cool. He hasn't really done anything recently though, have you Louie. (Louie, call us and we'll hook you up with some of our instruments to get you going again.)

Like all our instruments, the interface is simple. Like your Grandma's Minestrone, there's nothing in it that doesn't need to be in it.


minit70 interface

Noise Reduc: We left the raw samples in for those totally authentic users who want the sound of dodgy b-grade electronic components. However, if you want your samples a little cleaner, turn it on.

Sustain: One of the 'effects' on the original Casio and true to form, the sustain increases the release time of the sample.

Verb: It's verb, you don't need an explanation do you?

Like we always say, if it requires a manual to get started, it's too complex, but we had to fill this description with something halfway intelligent, so you got a bit of a breakdown of the bits and pieces.

overall interface minit70 

Enjoy, The Sonus Team. 

The Sonus Instruments MiniT70 requires the full version of Native Instruments Kontakt version 5.8 to function and internet access in order to download the instrument. The downloads are not available on a hard drive.