SI Concertmate 300
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SI Concertmate 300

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That old Casio/Tandy Keyboard you had during your childhood, we got it. We sampled it.


The Concertmate is a faithful recreation of a Concertmate300 toy keyboard that some of us older folk (over 30) may remember from our childhood. They came in three variants, Casio, Realistic, or Tandy, depending on where in the world you resided.

concertmate 300 Kontakt

There was no velocity sensitivity on the original instrument, so that cut down on our sampling time somewhat, we sampled every sound, on every key, and every ‘beat’ at a standard of approximately 120bpm. The 'beats' will sync to your host tempo, so don't stress about the bpm. 

Heaps of samples. Heaps of fun. 8bit chiptune for the win!

Yours. Free. No charge, not a dollar.

Our instruments require the full version of Native Instruments Kontakt version 5.7 and internet access in order to download the instruments. The downloads are not available on a hard drive.

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